One of the fastest ways to increase your web site traffic is to run a Pay Per Click campaign. But you need to be careful as a poorly created pay per click campaign can get out of hand quickly. Our experience really makes the difference in showing a positive return on investment.

Pay Per Click Marketing Start Your Project

PPC Campaign Set-up

We provide the initial pay per click campaign set-up for Google Adwords and bing Ads (!Yahoo / bing Network).

Competitive Analytics

In order to create a cost effective campaign we first look at your competitors' best performing ads and keywords along with their strengths and weaknesses.

Keyword list

We use keyword tools and our experience to help create the right keyword list. We constantly monitor keyword performance, making changes when necessary, to enhance your campaign.

Text Ads

We create compelling targeted text ads

Display Ads including YouTube Promoted videos

We create Display ads using a combination of pictures and text. We also produce YouTube videos to market your business with YouTube Promoted videos. The cost per click is often a fraction of the cost of a traditional text ad.


Once we create your ads they are tested to determine the best performing ad content.

Landing Pages

We create compelling Landing Pages that potential customers see when they click on your ad.


We can advertise only in the geographic areas you want.


We will help you decide on an initial monthly budget. We set daily spending limits and can start and stop the campaign at any time.


It's easy to overspend if you do not have experience running pay per click campaigns. We constantly change keyword bids as necessary keeping your monthly budget in mind.


We tie in Google Analytics to your pay per click campaigns so we can analyze your site analytics while making necessary changes to the campaign. This information is especially useful for SEO.